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BGLaw Mailing List
BGLaw is a mailing list aimed at promoting the development of
Bulgarian law, and to facilitate the contacts between Bulgarian lawyers -
lecturers , practitioners and law students. 

Setting up a discussion group on the  Internet is just the beginning 
of the introduction of the new technologies and new way of thinking
in the conservative area of law.

The new ways of communications could change the life style of every
person and could  even impact on the revolution in a particular legal system.
That's why BGLaw mailing list will disseminate ideas, opinions and
thoughts and will be another source of knowledge about Bulgarian Law
and Bulgarian Lawyers. Through the list one could make valuable
contacts and post/collect the needed information. 

How to subscribe
to BGLaw mailing list? Subscription to BGLaw is completely voluntary
and no one could be subscribed to the list without his consent. To
subscribe you have to send an e-mail to
with the word subscribe in the body of the e-mail. The list software
automatically adds your address. With the act of subscription you are
supposedly agreed with the List guidelines, so read them

How to send message to the list?
If you want to send an e-mail to all the members of the list you have to write to the which is the address of the BGLaw list. On the
other hand is the address of the list
server and to it must be sent messages with commands like subscribe,
unsubscribe etc. 

How to unsubscribe from BGLaw?
To unsubscribe you just have to send an
e-mail with the word unsubscribe in the body to the address of the

The BGLaw mailing list supports the following commands when sent to
HELP Produces summary of commands
JOIN Subscribe to mailing list 
LEAVE Unsubscribe from mailing list 
STOP Stop processing commands (eg to avoid processing a signature) 
SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to mailing list
UNSUBSCRIBE Unsubscribe from mailing list 

List Guidelines

1. BGLaw is an electronic discussion forum intended for lawyers,
lecturers of law, law students and everyone interested in Bulgarian
law and legal system. Within the list various topics
from different law branches will be discussed, particularly emphasizing on 
telecommunication law, computer law, cyber law, Eurointegration,
international law (both public and private) etc. 

2. The BGLaw list is intended for discussions relevant to Bulgarian
law and related topics. Commercial postings and bulk e-mail are not
permitted, and off-topic messages are discouraged. Supposedly most of the list
members live and work in Bulgaria and use slow speed dial-up
connections through analogous lines - so please restrain yourself in posting 
attached files to the mailing list.

3. The language of the BGLaw is Bulgarian. However because of some
problems with the Cyrillic encoding it's recommendable to write your
messages in Bulgarian with Latin letters. 

4. Please be considerate of your fellow subscribers. Don't dominate 
the list by posting messages too often. 

5. Each message should bear a brief subject line that describes the
substance of the message. Replies (messages in the same thread)
ordinarily should use the same subject line, as long as they continue
to address the same general topic. If you are raising a new topic,
however, use a new subject line rather than recycling an old subject
line from a previous posting.

6. If you're replying to someone else's posting, consider whether your
reply adds new substantive information that is likely to be of
interest to everyone on the list. If your reply is mainly directed at
the original poster, please send it just to that person rather than to the
entire list. 

7. When you are replying to another post, quote just enough of it to
provide context for those who may not have just read the other message.

8. To remove yourself from the subscription list, send an e-mail
message to containing only the following
word unsubscribe (in the text of the message, not the subject