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On the 15th of May 1998 in the Conference hall of BILD a meeting was held with Ms. Birgitte Lundblad, Danish Ombudsman Office, Mr. Mark Neville, Directorate of Human Rights, Council of Europe AND Mr. Jeno Kaltenbach, Parliamentary Commissioner for Ethnic and Minority Rights, Hungary. The participants consisted of   numerous law lecturers, law students, practising lawyers and citizens interested in the discussed field. Ms. Lundbland and Mr. Kaltenbach acquainted the public with the activities, problems and achievements of the Ombudsman institution in their countries. Mr. Neville explained the Ombudsman functions from a European point of view. Special attention was paid at the importance of the Ombudsman offices for the full, strict and lawful protection and safeguard of the basic human rights and civil liberties. Many questions followed from the participants concerning the practical issues of the Ombudsmans practice, their establishment etc. At the end of the meeting  a position was expressed that in Bulgaria the Ombudsman institution will benefit the Civil society and will support the implementation of the Rule of law.