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"the centers of  tomorrow's technology in Bulgaria"

Hi-Tech Parks emerge in Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Hi-Tech Perspectives

Statement of the Prime Minister Mr. Ivan Kostov at the High-Tech Forum

Vice Prime Minister Mr. Alexander Bojkov's address to the High-Tech Forum

Marian Dragostinov, Executive Director, BTC plc

Jonathan Spalter Chief Information Officer U.S. Information Agency, Washington, D.C. "The High Tech Summit"

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Bulgaria High-Tech Forum - June 29 - July 1 1998, Sofia 

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Mr. Alexander Bojkov, Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, announced the establishment of a software joint venture "Rila" in collaboration with Mr.George Soros. The joint venture will be specialized in software development and treatment of the Millenium Bug.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) During it's visit in the USA the Bulgarian delegation, headed by Mr. Alexander Bojkov, discussed the possibilities for creation of Hi-Tech Parks in Bulgaria with different investment funds. There is already a pilot project for establishment of Hi-Tech company. More...


Some of IASP members:

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MATAM Scientific Industries Center Haifa
   Association of Innovative Enterpreneurship of the Chech Republic
        National Technological Park, Limerick, Ireland
            Tubitak MARMARA Research Center
                Thessaloniki Technology Park, Greece
                    Science and Technology Park of Crete, Greece

Other Hi-Tech Parks

Shanghai Hi-Tech Park
    Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park