pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)EC Information Society Project Office
   new.gif (26402 bytes)Council Decision of adopting of multiannual Community programme to stimulate the establishment of the information society in Europe
   new.gif (26402 bytes)2054th Council meeting - TELECOMMUNICATIONS - Brussels, 1 December 1997
   Europe and the Global Information Society Recommendations to the European Council, Content
   Europe's Rolling Action Plan for Information Society, Content
   Green Paper Living and Working in the Information Society People First, Content
   EC Multilingual Information Society
   The European Union: Official texts
   Towards the Information Society in the Central and Eastern European countries: Thirty Ideas for European Initiatives
   The Information Society Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training
    Media, Information Society and Data Protection
    Ministerial Conference Bonn 6-8 July 1997
    Documents Refered to the Information Society

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)G7 Information Society

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Austria - report of the working group INFORMATION SOCIETY  of the Austrian Federal Government, Text, Content

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Belgium - Common position on the Information Society Technologies Programme
              Reflection Document on the protection of Personal data in the Information Society

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Dennmark - A Danish strategy for the Information Society, Text, Content
                   The Info Society for all
                   Public Administration
                   Working life
                   Companies in the info-society

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes) Estonia - Estonian Information Policy
                   Principles, Implementation Plan, Evolution

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Finland - Finland's way to the Information Society - The National Strategy and its Implementation, Text, Content

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)France   Information Society for All
                     France's Entry Into the Information Society"
                     The governmental action plan - January 1998
                     The Internet and digital Networks

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Germany -Initiative "Information Society", Text, Content
                   Council for Research, Technology and Innovation THE INFORMATION SOCIETY Opportunities, Innovations and Challenges Assessment and Recommendations
                 Forum Info 2000

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Hungary - Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water Management

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Ireland - Information Society Ireland - Strategy for Action - Report of Ireland's Information Society Steering Committee, Text, Content
Information Society Commission
                  Ireland, the digital age, the Internet

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Norway -
                   Better utilization of information technology in Norway

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes)Romania - National Strategy for Informatisation and Fast Implementation of the Information Society

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes) new2.gif (896 bytes) Yugoslavia - Strategy for Development of Informatics in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

pfeilrechts.gif (116 bytes) Miscellaneous
     Forum Information Society
     The Future of the Internet
     The European Information Society at the Crossroads
     Name-linked Data Legislation: Current Practice and Enforcement Issues for the Information Society
     Information Society Security: Trust, Confidence and Technology
     Update on European Telecommunication Regulation and Policy: FAIR Overview of the 1998 ‘Free Market’ by EU Member State
     ICTs and Dematerialisation: Some Implications for Status Differentiation in Advanced Market Societies
  The Computerization of Public Networks: an Opportunity and a Challenge for the European Telecom Industry
Towards ‘Digital Intermediation’ in the European Information Society
  Information Society - Opportunities, Innovations and Challenges
  African Information Society Initiative