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  1. Bulgarian New Taxation Acts:

Law on Corporate Income Taxation
Local Taxes and Fees Act
Law of the Taxation of the Personal Income of Individuals

  1. Laws and Regulations on Securities and Stock Exchanges by SSEC

  2. Legal Framework About Foreign Investment by Foreign Investment Agency

  3. Law on Foreign Investments
    Gesetz Uber Die Auslandischen Investitionen

  4. Laws and regulations on Bulgarian Privatization  by  Privatization Agency

    Transformation and Privatisation of State-Owned and Municipal Enterprises Act
    Concessions Act
    Conditions and Procedures for Participation in the Privatisation with Bulgarian Foreign-Debt Government

    Rules for conducting negotiations with potential buyers
    Ordinance on Auctions
    Ordinance on Tenders

  5. Education Law by Ministry of Education and Science

    Vocational Education and Training Act
    Higher Education Act

  6. Legal Framework for Business by Bulgaria Online

  7. Competition Protection Act by the Commission for the Protection of Competition

  8. Physical Education and Sports Act by the Committee for Youth, Physical Education and Sports

  9. Deecree No 40 17 February 1998 for establishment of a Coordination Council on Information Society