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cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Bulgarian Institute for Legal Development was registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in December 1995 under the Persons and Family Act. BILD supports the improvement of the legal sector in Bulgaria and performs activities that promote the rule of law in Bulgaria. BILD has a chance to be a pilot project for other NGOs in the legal field in Bulgaria.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) BILD considers the introduction of new technologies to be the only possibility for the efficient functioning of the legal system. The radically new level of organizing the legal knowledge is essentially important for the functioning of the law in the era of new communication technologies. The Institute takes on the task to build up an information center on the basis of modern technologies with various legal and to make this information accessible to users on a worldwide scale.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) The Institute is specialized in the field of information law . BILD focuses its efforts upon pending issues like legal standards in the information exchange, data protection, freedom of information, legal tools for guaranteeing the right of information, etc.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) The improvement of the existing legal regulation of the electronic media and telecommunications has priority in the Institute’s activities. The Institute will launch the initiative and will participate in projects on legal support and education for journalists and other professional groups. It provides legal assistance to NGOs engaged in defending the right to freedom of information.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Special attention is given to the privacy and a parlamentary legislation in this field will be initiated.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Human rights - The Institute supports independent monitoring over human rights respect and their efficient legal protection. The readiness and professional competence of jurists for providing legal counseling in this field is encouraged. The Institute organizes training for professionals and law students on the mechanisms of administrative, legal and other types of protection with the help of distinguished experts of long standing in court.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Access to legal information is not an end in itself. By ensuring that legal information is available to the public, we believe that there is a potential for a better understanding of the law by everyone.