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25.06.1999 The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria has ruled out its decision on the constitutionality of Radio and TV Act
21.10.1998 The US Child Online Protection Act ("CDAII") Criticised - letter to the US President Bill Clinton
20.10.1998 BILD has joined the GILC member statement New US Censorship Law Causes Global Concern
  The draft for the National Strategy and Action Plan for the Development of the Information Society in Bulgaria has been delivered to the Working Group of the Coordination Council of the Information Society issues in Bulgaria
  The Radio and Television Act has been endorced by the National Asembly of the Republic of Bulgaria
04.09.1998 BILD signed statement "Cryptography is not a Weapon" introduced by GILC still not available
1-3.07.1998 Regional Legal and Regulatory Workshop With Focus on Public Service Broadcasting for Europe took place in St. Petersburg, Rusian Federation,
  EU Member States's experts are coming for a fact-finding mission to Bulgaria between 11-15 May to identify the situation in the country in the area of Justice and Home affairs. BILD attends in the event
05.03.1998 BILD signed the GILC Member statement: Content and Conduct on the Internet - The Impact of Self-Regulation and Filtering on Human Rights to Freedom of Expression
17.02.1998 BILD signed the GILC Member Statement: New UK Encryption Policy criticised
27.02.1998 BILD is among the organizations which signed the GILC Statement prepared for an one day briefing session for Members of  the European Parliament, , in Brussels
  Dr. Nelly Ognyanova in Bulgarian weekly newspaper Capital comments the upcoming reform of Bulgarian Information Law
06.01.1998 New York Times reports the protest against PICSRules signed by BILD