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cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Legislation drafting, comparative legal studies & evaluating effectiveness of the law.

The Institute will carry out projects in the field of approximattion of the Bulgarian law with the EU law.  Inquiries about the efficiency of law are undertaken. The results of  these inquiries will be used to support the legislative practice. For the same purpose comparative legal studies will be encouraged, and the international information exchange in the legal field will be preferentially supported by the Institute.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Legal culture. Improving the legal awareness of the citizens

The Institute will work for strengthening the democratic legal awareness in the public and will spread legal knowledge through:

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Legal education

Higher legal education.The Institute supports the development of new courses, forms and methodics in higher legal education. Pilot projects will be carried out experimentally at BILD with collaboration of Bulgarian and foreign law schools. Such an important  project of BILD is the implementation Legal   Clinical Education

Continuing education. The modern educational systems will increasingly rely on an open system approach. Modern educational programs will be developed. The Institute is working on the "Continuing Education Project" under which various forms of qualification and training courses on significant topics for jurists are arranged, including training about the use of new information technologies at work. 

Distance Learning. The new information and communication technologies now offer possibilities for access and delivery of distance learning materials. The Institute provides support services in this new environment by mediating access to information and to learning resources, as well as by providing facilities to use these networked services.

Street law. Legal education of pupils and non-lawyers is provided.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Legal framework of the information relations

The Institute will specialize in the field of regulating information relations.  BILD will focus its efforts upon pending issues like legal standards in the information exchange, data protection, freedom of information, legal tools for guaranteeing the right of information, etc. The improvement of the existing legal regulation of media and telecommunications will have priority in the Institute’s activities. Special attention will be given to the privacy and a parliamentary legislation in this field will be initiated.

cd1bdiamd.gif (919 bytes) Human rights

The Institute supports independent monitoring over human rights respect and their efficient legal protection.The readiness and professional competence of jurists for providing legal counseling in this field will be encouraged. The Institute organizes training for professionals and law students on the mechanisms of administrative, legal and other types of protection with the help of distinguished experts in court.