Telecommunications Law

mark.gif (1082 bytes) Bulgaria
    Bulgarian Telecommunications Company

Committee of Posts and Telecommunications
    Bulgarian Telecommunications Law Draft April '98
    Bulgarian Telecommunications Law Draft October '97
    Bulgarian Telecommunications Law Draft November '97
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Andora
    Servei de Telecomunicacions d'Andorra
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Argentina
Secretaria de Comunicaciones
    Commission Nacional De Communicaciones

    Legislative framework
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Australia
    Australian Communications Authority    

Broadcasting Services Act
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Austria
    Federal Ministry of Science and Transport
    Telekom Control
    Telecommunications Act
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Belarus
     Telecommunications Act

mark.gif (1082 bytes) Belgium
    Belgian Telecommunications Acts
    Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Brazil
    Ministry of Communications

     Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaçoe
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Canada
    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Columbia
    Ministerio De Comunicaciones
Commision for Regulation of Telecommunications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Dennmark
    National Telecom Agency
    Ministry of Research
mark.gif (1082 bytes) European Union
    DG XIII of the European Commission Telecommunications, Information market and Exploitation of research
    Green paper on the convergence of the telecommunications, media and information technology sectors, and the implications for regulation

    new2.gif (896 bytes)
European Telecommunications Office
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Finland
    Telecommunications Administration Centre
    Regulations in force
mark.gif (1082 bytes) France
    Telecommunications Laws in France (in English)

    The French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
    Telecommunications Act
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Germany
    Federal Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
    Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts
    Telecommunications Act Germany
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Ghana
     Ministry of  Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Greece
     National Commission for Telecommunications and Posts
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Hong Kong
Office for Telecommunications Authority
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Hungary
     Ministry of Trasnport, Communication and Water
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Iceland
Post and Telecom Administration
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Ireland
    new2.gif (896 bytes) 
Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulations
    Department of Transport, Energy and Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Italy
    Ministry of Communications
    Italian Communications Commission
    Collection of Italian Information and Telecommunication Acts
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Israel
     Ministry of Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Japan
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

mark.gif (1082 bytes) Korea
    Ministry of Information and Communication
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Latvia
    The Latvia Telecommunication State Inspection
    Law on Telecommunications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Lithuania
Law on Telecommunications
Law on Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Luxembourg
    Ministry of Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Mexico
    Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes
    Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Netherlands
    Ministry of Transport, Transport, Public Works and Water Management
- Directorate-general for Telecommunications and Posts
mark.gif (1082 bytes) New Zealand
    Communications Networks Policy Group
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Norway
    Norwegian Telecommunications Law

   Norwegian Posts and Telecommunications Authority
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Peru
   Ministerio de Transportes, Comunicaciones, Vivienda y Construccion
   Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Poland
   new2.gif (896 bytes) Polish Telecommunication Board
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Singapore
    Singapore Broadcasting Authority Act

   new2.gif (896 bytes) Ministry of Telecommunications
    Telecommunication Authority
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Slovak Republik
     Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications
    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Spain
    Spain Telecommunications Act
Comision del Merchado de las Telecomunicaciones

mark.gif (1082 bytes) Slovenia
    Ministry of Trasnport and Communications
mark.gif (1082 bytes) South Africa
    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Sweden
   National Post and Telecom Agency
   ITS (Telecommunication Regulator)
    Sweden Telecommunication Act
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Switzerland
   Federal Office for Communications
    Swiss Telecommunications Law - in force from 1.01.1998
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Thailand
    Communications Authority of Thailand
mark.gif (1082 bytes) United Kingdom
Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL)
   Broadcasting Act 1996

mark.gif (1082 bytes) USA
    Federal Communication Commission
National Telecommunications and Information Administration

   Office of Telecommunications
   National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Telecommunication Act 1996 USA
mark.gif (1082 bytes) Uruguay
    Dirección Nacional de Comunicaciones
mark.gif (1082 bytes) International Organizations
   International Telecommunication Union
   International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Intelsat)
   International Mobile Satellite Organization (Inmarsat)
   International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
   Asia-Pacific Telecommunity